Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

Last weekend Evan and I headed out to East Texas for the lovely Venable Wedding! We got to stay with our wonderful friends Matt & Erica Wickes!
We decided to play Risk one night. I think I played this game 1 time in my life and it was when I was like 8 (so I really had no idea what I was doing). I was just proud of myself because I had my own continent!
South America AKA Kelsey Land
Next day was the wedding!
The bride and bridal party getting ready!
 Lauren was really excited but who wouldn't be on their wedding day!

Don's grooms cake was really cool! Lauren and Don are huge Rangers fans so this was a perfect fit!

 The guys thought they needed a picture together since the girls had one together... whatever.
Lauren's beautiful bridal cake. I mentioned to Evan that I wanted to do something like this for our wedding cake but at the time he said no. However, he doesn't recall having that conversation... it's AMAZING how often that happens! Am I the only one that happens to?

cute centerpieces!
Me and the beautiful bride!
We're so excited for Lauren and Donny boy. They're perfect for each other. Congrats!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doggy Dog World

I believe the last time I posted anything about Lucy was when we first adopted her back in September so I thought I would do a little update! When we first got her she was skinny, had a skin infection, yeast infection, kennel cough, and very skittish :(
NOW after 2 vet visits due to food allergies she is at a healthy weight, no infections or sickness of any kind, and is very playful! We absolutely LOVE her to death. Seriously. She is basically our daughter... only hairy, has four legs, and it is considered socially acceptable to leave her at home alone at the ripe age of 5 (I guess that's 35 in dog years so then's it's really ok to leave her alone).
We've learned so many things about her in the 10 months we've had her!
-she loves traveling in the truck (especially to my parents house where other dogs are and she's free to roam)

-her favorite toy is her reindeer (we bought it for her around Christmas and it's still in one piece)

-she loves the snow (although if it's deep then we have a problem... the short legs can only handle so much!)

-she is the cutest sleeper in the world!

-she absolutely loves playing with her daddy!

The pictures of the two of them are hilarious!
Needless to say our love for Lucy has grown far more than it was in September. I hope she will be a part of our family for many many more years! I love you Lucy Lou more than anything! Our family would not be the same without you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's get CRAFTY!

Yesterday I decided to put my artistic skills to the test! From a little inspiration from the many DIY decor websites I have been looking at lately I came up with this creation...

I put this in our guest room/ Kelsey's crafty work room. I'm actually in the process of redecorating the room but that is for a later blog post. For now I'm just going to tell you how I came up with this.
First, I saw this picture on The Shabby Chic blog:

So I can't exactly say that I came up with this all by myself but I did add a few touches of my very own! The supplies I needed to make this were picture frame, ribbon, hot glue gun, buttons, scissors, and the centerpiece of your choice.

Now the picture frame that I found was from an antique shop for $20. You can easily find a cute frame from anywhere or you can go buy one from Wal-Mart and just remove the glass out of it. AND if you don't like the frame color then you can just spray paint it easily too!
Next, I took a white ribbon and hot glued it around the edges.

I found a jar of buttons at a flea market for $3 and picked out which ones I wanted to use. I know stores with a craft section probably sell buttons too. OR if you're like me then you've probably been saving some from clothes you've bought throughout the years.
Just hot glue the buttons along the ribbon and tada! You have yourself a cute frame!

Then I wanted the buttons to be incorporated onto the "L" so I added some on a bow!

As for what you want your centerpiece to be... that is something you have to decide. Whether it be someone's initials, a significant date, an actual picture, or whatever! It's your turn to be creative! Go make me proud!